Principles and Goals

Our Philosophy

To put it briefly: We love what we do! The nature is our workplace and we enjoy every single moment in it. We are aware of its greatness and beauty, but also of its fragileness. Therefore, we try to communicate our knowledge and love for nature to our clients; not so much with words, but by acting responsibly and sustainably at all times.

Mission Statement

Our goal is to offer our clients the best, safest and most memorable outdoor and mountain experiences in South America. Therefore, we strive to work on the highest technical level available at all times by providing continuous training for every guide and staff member working with us.

The Experience

We want to create a unique and unforgettable travel experience for every client on every single one of our trips; an experience that you will carry with you for the rest of your life.

Travel Ethics

It is our conviction that, wherever we travel in nature, we travel as guests. Therefore, we are always willing to adapt to the local circumstances and to learn from every new situation. For us, it goes without saying that we behave sustainably and respectfully towards local cultures, nature and wildlife at all times. All our programs follow the ‘Leave No Trace’ ideology and we participate actively in various environmental and social projects such as the “One tourist, one tree” initiative.


We want you to get back home safely and happily. For this reason we follow strict guidelines to avoid problems and minimize risks. Each situation may require a thorough analysis and evaluation, so we train all of our guides to be ready for the unexpected when quick answers are required. If any problem arises, your guide will have the experience, the training and the equipment to find a fast and solid solution.


We seek excellence in everything we do. This requires an ongoing process of analyzing our decisions, evaluating our successes and learning from our mistakes. We are committed to providing you the best experience possible by making every moment of your adventure unforgettable. In order to do so, we constantly adopt new techniques and technologies, improve our skills, and adapt to the changing circumstances.


  • Offer the best travel experiences available in and around the Andes.

  • Keep everybody safe and in good shape while having fun and enjoying what we do; this includes our clients as well as our guides and staff.

  • Give everyone of our clients the opportunity to relax, to learn and to have time on their own during our trips.

  • Offer programs that fit everybody’s requirements with regard to length, physical and technical challenges as well as personal motivations.

  • Be prepared to respond to all technical, cultural and geographical challenges at all times.

  • Maintain an open communication with our clients, our associates and with the communities we visit.

  • Support local economies and offer local people new opportunities.

  • Contribute to environmental protection and to the preservation of natural habitats.