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Travel Notes

Ojos del Salado Expedition Forces Wives Challenge
January 2019

Dear Vivianne.
My name is Etta, one of the ladies that took part in the Forces Wives Challenge expedition to Ojos
Del Salado. I wanted to take a moment to express my overwhelming gratitude to you and your
incredible guides for making the experience one that will live with me forever.
Edu, Mario, JC, Chino and Nico are 5 of the most patient, understanding, supportive and friendly
men I have had the honour of meeting. I felt safe and secure for the entire trip and without doubt
trusted them with my life. JC ensured that we were well fed and nourished for each individual
challenge and Edu made sure we were certain of what lay ahead. Marios smile and Chinos sense of
humour kept us all cheerful, and Nico is a fine example of a young man. Their expert guidance and
advice enabled me to go farther than I otherwise might, and for that I am incredibly thankful.
Good luck to you and Chile Montana in the future and once again, thank you so very much, for the
incredible memories.
Kindest regards
Etta Dobbins

Staff: Eduardo Unzueta UIAGM guide, Eduardo Rojas UIAGM guide, Mario Perez Assistant guide,
Nicolas Rojas Assistant guide, Juan Carlos Briceño Base Camp manager